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Services we can provide

The Trusts can help with individual grants for people who, for example, are unemployed or on a very limited income,or who are otherwise in need, in the opinion of the Trustees. If you, or a patient or client of yours, live in the area of benefit, and are disadvantaged by low income and have a special or exceptional need for a service or for goods/ equipment that you cannot afford, then the Trusts may be able to assist. The type of goods and services trustees receive most requests for are cookers, refrigerators, carpets, beds, bedding, household and baby equipment, and school uniform. However, this is by no means an exhaustive list. Each application is considered individually and on its merits and all requests for assistance are handled in complete confidence.

How we respond to applications

Applications are usually dealt with quickly, particularly if the applicant is in dire need, but after the trustees have satisfied themselves that the information given on the application form is correct. In order to do this, the Trusts will arrange to interview applicants at home. First and foremost, we check to see that the applicant is receiving all the state benefits they are entitled to. AS the Trusts are not allowed, under the terms of the charity's Scheme, to duplicate benefits that should be paid by the state.

For more information and to obtain an application form, please contact us on 01895 232976 or email us: