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Almshouse Guidance

Please read these guidance notes before applying for almshouse accommodation

  1. Before any formal offer of accommodation is made, it is the normal practice of Trustees to assess each applicant for their suitability for almshouse residence. This will involve an informal interview with the General Manager of the Trusts and a representative of the Trustee Board.
  2. Residents of almshouse accommodation do not have the same rights as tenants. Almshouse residents are beneficiaries of the Trust who are licensed to stay in the almshouses for as long as they meet the terms of their residency. In practice this is almost always given for the duration of their lifetime, as long as they can maintain independent living.
  3. The terms at which Trustees can appoint residents are laid down in the Scheme applying to the charity and will be explained to you on your visit to Woodbridge House. In essence, the regulations state that a person who benefits from the charity by occupying an almshouse flat should not at the same time be in a position to purchase or to rent suitable alternative accommodation in the private sector. In this respect, it is up to the Trustees to decide on what is suitable accommodation, not the applicant. The Trustees will also need to be satisfied that prospective and existing residents are able to look after themselves, if necessary with the support of a social services' care package.
  4. Applicants will be asked to arrange confirmation from their doctor as to their current state of health. Illness on its own does not debar you from taking up residency at Woodbridge House. The main criterion in this respect is that you are able to look after yourself on a day to day basis, if necessary with support from the appropriate welfare agency.
  5. Although Trustees have made every effort to adapt the almshouse flats to suit people with mobility problems, the nature of the building is such that the flats are not fully accessible to people who are wheelchair-bound neither are they suitable for persons who are totally immobile. As the flats are arranged on two floors, it is very likely that access to a flat offered to a new resident would be by way of two flights of steps.
  6. It must be noted that while there is limited parking available for residents' visitors the almshouse flats have no parking set aside for a resident's own private use.
  7. All residents of the almshouses are required to abide by the almshouse regulations and these will be explained to you on your visit. All our rules and regulations are based on the common sense principles that apply to living in a safe, secure and happy community.